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How to Apply an Eyelash Extension

Well, you might have possibly been awestruck while adoring those exquisitely dense eyelashes and so do I. Perfectly groomed eyelashes undoubtedly impart a luscious look and boost the confidence.

The eyelashes of celebrities are certainly impeccable to fall for but the secret behind those eyelashes is nothing but an eyelash extension. An eyelash extension is used to augment and condense the natural eyelash. These are made up of synthetic polyesters which are applied directly over the natural eyelash and come in variety of shades and lengths suitable both for natural and glamorous look.

The eyelash extensions are different from fake lashes as they are adhered to the natural eyelash with the help of a strong bond imparted by an adhesive which lasts for around 60-90 days giving a look of mascara and fall automatically with natural eyelashes.

Recently eyelash extensions have gained a considerable éclat and the self-application may prove to be at risk. It has gained so much fame that it is available in almost every Salon. But the procedure is recommended to be performed with great care by an esthetician or a cosmetologist who has gone through training from schools such as Sugar Lash to avoid any trouble.

Authentic procedure of applying an eyelash extension:

1. First and foremost, the eyelashes are washed properly to get rid of dirt and dried.
2. The dried eyelashes are then combed.
3. Lower eyelashes are required to be separated from upper eyelashes and are accomplished by the use of a medical grade tape and a pad.
4. Lower eyelashes are then carefully taped down on the pad.
5. After taping down, an individual upper eyelash is isolated with the help of a pair of tweezers.
6. The tip of the tweezers may be dipped in an adhesive prior to the application or applied afterwards whichever suitable.
7. Adhesive should also be of medical grade and is generally cyanoacrylate based as it is non-irritating to the eye.
8. The glue is applied at the end of the lash and eyelash extension is placed accurately 1mm above the root of the lash and affixed.
9. It is allowed to dry for few seconds before moving to next step.
10. The same method is repeated for each individual eyelash.
11. The complete procedure takes around 1.5-2 hours.

Proper care is required to be taken succeeding the application; such as:

1. The lashes should not be wetted till 12-24 hours.
2. Hot steam, swimming and sauna should be avoided till 48 hours.
3. Rubbing of eyes may also cause trouble.
4. Running water should not directly come in contact with the eyelashes.
5. Avoid oil based makeup remover.
6. The eyelashes must not be curled mechanically.
7. Sometimes the use of adhesive may cause allergic reactions to certain people and so if any redness is observed then should immediately be consulted to a doctor.

If you follow the above given steps accordingly, you’ll have beautiful eyelashes. Share these tips with your girlfriends and they’ll never certainly owe you one! With the perfect set of eyelashes, you can go flaunting and rock any party.

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