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Top 6 Causes Why Poorly Maintained Roads are Dangerous

Winter Road by Pavel P.

Every now and then we come across many road accidents. Some of them are deadly and some of them are more than just deadly! The actual cause of accident is never fathomed but in most of the cases the, condition of road leads to such health hazards.

In most of the cases spine is affected. Or it may cause severe head trauma to some while serious injuries to others. Poor driving surfaced are combination of both seasonal and traffic conditions. It is the government’s duty to maintain the roads and ensure safety to the citizens along with this the individual is also liable to avoid rash driving and properly maintain the vehicle.

The most prevalent issues that cause accidents are:

1. Potholes:

You are driving on a clean driving surface and suddenly notice a hole in the middle of it out of nowhere, and before you could notice, the damage was done. It is the potholes which cause major accidents now a days.

A Pothole is generally caused by a fault in the asphalt pavement due to the presence of water underlying the soil surface. The presence of continuous traffic breaks the poorly supported surface leading to a hole.

These usually occur due to:
a. Insufficient drainage of water.
b. Inadequate thickness of the surface.

To avoid this problem a proper survey and maintenance of the road is required and a firm drainage system is another necessity. It is possible to repair potholes through asphat repair products such as ProPatch sold by Innovative Surface Solutions.

2. Ice patches:

An ice patch is the most common complication during winters. They are created by:
a. Water.
b. Low drainage capacity of the road.
c. Excessive moisture.
d. Low temperature.

Ice patches can be seen nearly on every road in winters and require for a cautious driving. The surface becomes too much slippery and leads to a hazard. The icy surface is needed to be scrapped out avoidance of crisis.

3. Oil patches:

The oil on road causes major accidents. Generally oil ejected from vehicles tends to accumulate over the surface of road which makes it slippery enough and prone to an accident. The vehicle should be serviced from time to time. These are temporary fixes on road but can become slippery when left for extended period of time.

4. Uneven pavement:

We tend to think that tripping over an uneven pavement happens mostly to elders but it can happen to any one of us. Tripping and consequently falling over an uneven pavement causes grazed knee and serious muscle damage or even broken bones.

5. Unmarked blind spot:

A blind spot in a vehicle is an area surrounding a vehicle that cannot directly be observed by the driver. It exists in almost every vehicle including cars, trucks and even sail boats. Proper adjustment of mirrors is necessary along with an indication on the road to warn a blind spot. If not present, it causes crashing of vehicles and in most serious cases leads to death.

6. Insufficient hard shoulder:

A hard shoulder on a road is an additional lane provided for emergency stops. It also helps ambulances, police cars to move without disturbing the traffic. However insufficient shoulder gives a rapid increase in the traffic making it more prone to accidents as well as a blow to emergency services.

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